How to make services and products cyber-secure in the Metaverse?



This incredible WhiteJar's white paper explains what are the main Cyber Threats in the Metaverse for people, companies and data, and how the new paradigm of crowd-sourced Cybersecurity with Bug Bounty Programs is a fast, cost-effective and powerful solution to protect them.



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What is WhiteJar?

"WhiteJar - powered by UNGUESS" is the first Italian Bug Security Bounty service that provides companies and public administrations with a Community of hundreds of Ethical Hackers ready to carry out continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

WhiteJar members are all European residents and selected on the basis of their internet reputation and high standards of technical expertise. Our Crowd therefore exploits sharing knowledge by providing a proprietary, secure and unique collaboration platform, the first guarantee for immediate and effective engagement in the fight against cybercrime.

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